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Labweb System
Labweb is a complete system for tracking Quality Control data. It is aimed at soft drinks production lines, but is potentially expandable to many other types of production.

The system consists of 3 main components:

Chemlab is the program that runs on the production line PCs. When a line operator takes a sample off the production line, the results of all the tests which are performed on the sample are recorded here.

Chemlab displays a list of tests which must be performed for the product, and displays each as red or green to indicate passed or failed. A graph of the history of the run shows the operators if a specification is approaching the limits of its tolerance.

Chemlab QC is similar to Chemlab, except it is designed to go in a Quality Control lab as opposed to on a production line. A special set of QC lab tests are available to these terminals. Regular tests can still be carried out to verify the samples taken by line operators.

Reporting System
All the information recorded in Chemlab is displayed on reports which are accessible from any web browser on the local network. A full history of every run is kept, and can be searched for by date, product name, package name, and many other details.

Reports can be generated for production on a per-run or per-shift basis. Statistics for the data gathered is shown on the report, along with comments as to why any test has gone out of tolerance.

Monthly reports are also available to show the averages of important values such as Fill Level.

Reports can be added as per your company's requirements.

All data is stored to a single location on the server. This has the advantage of making all data more readily available to QC managers, and also makes backing up data easier for your IT department.


System Requirements
The Labweb system requires a Windows® server with IIS 5.0 and Microsoft SQL® 2005 server (or better).

Chemlab and Chemlab QC require Windows® 2000 or greater, with the .NET 2.0 Framework.

The entire Labweb system is designed to work with your existing company computers and network. The system does not require dedicated PCs or servers.

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For further information, and to request a product demo CD, please contact software@i-syscontrol.com and let us know your contact details.

The Labweb Reporting System provides full reports of each run. Reports can be printed either for an entire run, or by each shift. The screen above shows an overview of all active and recent production.

Chemlab stores all the required tests for a product and displays these in an easy-to-use interface.

Chemlab provides an overview of how a production run is going, with live graphs of important information such as Brix, Carbonation and Fill Level.
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